i can hear the waves
they’re doing their thing and crashing against the shore
and making tonight a lover’s night
and making a new metaphor a fucking poet might find but i don’t, i can’t because

i can hear you breathe
and all i can think about is
how much closer i want to get,
inch my way into you,
so that maybe you won’t notice.
maybe you won’t mind.

my heart pounds against your chest
and i tell it to keep it down,
so you won’t know
how much it wants to be with yours.

now you’re saying goodbye and i’m thinking
not a chance
and i’m thinking of how i should have kissed you in the lift when you weren’t expecting it because just maybe you won’t forget then, how the weirdest date you’d ever had ended and how soft it all was and how our lungs gave out and we were dying for a breath but dying worse with one
but i don’t kiss you and so you don’t kiss back
but you pin my heart to the ground and tell it to stay
and it did, it’s still there, heaving, listening, waiting

baby, it hurts when you do your thing.
it hurts how i’m okay.

– i hated the world but you make it sound so dreamyy


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